We offer indoor and outdoor fitness boot camps in Las Vegas. Our outdoor locations are at Sunset Park and Gardens Park and our indoor location is near Sunset Road and Annie Oakley Drive. Our focus at Sin City Boot Camp is to get our members to their goals. Whether it be weight loss, building muscle, toning up or just feeling healthier. We combine weight lifting, calisthenics and cardio training into our daily workouts to provide you with an intense total body workout everytime you train with us. While our training format is intense, on your first day you can expect to be taken through a fitness evaluation test; after which you will sit down with a trainer and discuss where you are at health wise, where you want to be and how we can help get you there. Going into your second workout you will be participating in the group training, however your workout will be slightly modified. Your degree of physical strength and overall health will determine your participation level. Our job is to push you to your fitness goal, not kill you on the way there. If your ready to challenge yourself then come try us out five times for only five dollars. All you need to bring is workout clothes and a good attitude, we will take care of the rest.