Training with the expert trainers of Sin City Boot Camp Fitness is a great way to achieve your goals, whether they are a higher level of fitness than you are currently enjoying or losing weight.  We have years of experience and the passion for helping you sustain the commitment to your goals.

We put together a short list of some basics about Boot Camp fitness

  • Boot camp has three main components: cardio, strength and agility.
  • Boot camp fitness is modeled after military training and works to get the maximum results in the minimum time.
  • The training is intense and works multiple muscle sets, not just one at t time.
  • Working outside delivers more than just muscles, it also releases stress.
  • The group exercise aspect of Boot Camp will boost your spirits as well as get you in shape. It is always helpful to feel camaraderie with others when reaching a goal you may have thought was unattainable. You’ll meet friends; you’ll help others and be helped and supported by your classmates.
  • Low tech=high results We use a very basic tool for you to reach your goals: your body. We don’t use complicated,  super fancy equipment, instead our exercises mimic those your body has evolved to handle, running, lifting, hopping. We have drills of burpees, sit ups, pushups and squats, to name a few.

We are here to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. We will support you through your training and give you the moral support you’ll need to reach your goals. You body will thank you. Sign up now and get five classes for $5.