Tips for Fitness Boot Camp

Sin City Fitness Boot Camp in Las Vegas wants to help you reach your fitness goals. Try a camp! We’ve put together a short list of things to remember when you come to boot camp fitness.


Cut Yourself Some Slack.

  • Sure you should push yourself to your limit but no one should be expecting you to push yourself to their limits! If you do your best, and push yourself just over your limits, and I mean just, you’ll be improving and that should be your goal.


Listen To Your Body

  • If you need to stop, stop. If you need modifications, use them. You should not be trting to prove anything to anyone, except maybe yourself and then, well, see number 1.


Feed the furnace

  • Protein. Give your inner beast protein. It does not matter what form it takes but exercise is going to burn a lot of energy and protein, because it metabolizes slowly is the perfect energy for boot camp.


Cool the Fire

  • The importance of hydration can not be understated. Start hydrating hours before the class. If you wait until you are mid-sweat, you are going to be too late and you will end up with some level of dehydration. After the workout drink something with electrolytes.


Use modifications

  • Your instructor should have modifications ready for anyone with particular limitations. Don’t ruin your knees because some gung-ho instructor thinks modification are for weaklings. Find a new instructor and use modifications. No one but you has to live with your knees.


Be patient

  • Results take time. Give yourself at least six weeks before you judge your new routine a success or failure and then, no matter which way you decide, think about shaking it up. If it’s not working for you, tweak it and maybe it will and if it is working, shaking it up creates what is called muscle confusion and helps build more muscle.