There are different varieties of working out. Some, like weight lifting, offer slow and isolated workouts, focusing on certain muscle groups. Other workouts give you a chance to relax and gain flexibility and build strength through slow intentional movements, like in yoga. Yet, there are still others that help you get rid stress through vigorous cardio activity like running sprints, spinning or other group fitness classes.

While each have their benefits, boot camp is in a class by itself. Boot camp fitness workouts have a litany of physical, mental and emotional benefits for participants. People who have participated in boot camp classes in and around Las Vegas have found already found out. Here are four benefits focusing on the overall feeling boot camp fitness participants have after one or several classes.

  1. A one hour workout can burn between 500 and 600 calories.
  2. You don’t just burn calories, you also burn stress.
  3. Making it through a workout can build your confidence.
  4. When you stick with it, you’ll see the physical results of your hard work.

See what you can do. Join a Sin City Boot Camp class in Las Vegas and feel the difference. Contact us for a free consultation. If you still aren’t sold, you can try your first five classes for five dollars. Push yourself past your present boundaries and see how far you can go. We have indoor and outdoor classes at various locations around Las Vegas. Contact us with any questions.