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“The problem with a one-size-fits-all solution is that it usually turns out that one size fits none”

At Sin City Boot Camp, we offer a variety of diet and exercise programs to fit your specific needs. For general health we offer programs for posture, mobility, strength and conditioning. For athletes we offer advanced strength and conditioning, a runners’ program and an Olympic weight lifting program.

We offer the 6 week posture and mobility program for $60

All other programs are included in the Monthly Multi-program membership for $89/month. With this membership you can participate in any of the programs described below.

Posture and Mobility: This is an introductory program designed for individuals that are not currently exercising. We will identify postural problems caused by muscle imbalances, put you on a training regimen consisting of corrective exercises and core strengthening routines and we’ll regularly test your progress.

Strength and Conditioning: The goals of this program are to increase strength and stamina by means of weight training, circuit training, plyometrics,  body-weight-strength-movements, exercise bands (generally for core and stability training), and Cardiovascular exercise. This program begins with a week of strength testing followed by 7 weeks of percentage based wave training; that is your workload goes through peaks and valleys to allow for adequate recovery. This program is designed for individuals who are currently exercising and/or have a history of exercise that gives them a solid foundation for a new challenge. Acceptance into this program is contingent on passing a series of physical test.

Advanced Strength and Conditioning: This program is for competitive athletes. The focus is on explosive strength training and ardent endurance training. You must complete 8 weeks of the strength and conditioning program and pass a physical test to gain entry into this program.

Runners program:  Running is one of the only sports most people do without ever being coached (except by getting advice from other people who have never been coached). Most people just go buy a pair of running shoes, hit the street and boom!, all of a sudden they’re a runner. They never have their gate profesionally analyzed. Imagine if you took this approach with pole vaulting, or playing football, or tennis or any sport; you would likely develop a serious of posture and form problems that result in inefficient and compromising (dangerous) performance. Yet this is common practice in running, most people just start running and adding volume without addressing their posture and form.

This program is designed to correct common imbalances that occur with poor running form, strengthen weakness that develop from the under-utilization of certain muscle groups (also due to poor running form) and put serious focus on core strengthening. Aside from dealing with technique and core strength, strength training has a distinct advantage for runners:

As you run faster, the amount of time you are in contact with the ground actually decreases. But the flip side of that is that when you have less time in contact with the ground, it is actually harder to run. So your body has to be able to supply more force to the ground quickly.

Here is why strength training helps runners: You have to be able to put out more force in a shorter amount of time to run faster. But if all you do is run, you never develop the true high-end strength and high-power demands that you need to do that

Olympic Weight Lifting Program: This program is designed to develop strength in the two Olympic lifts: Snatch and Clean and Jerk; as well as basic power lifting movements such as Dead Lift, Squat and Bench Press.

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“Working out has never been so fun! Coaches are great and motivating! It is always a blast to meet new and friendly people at every workout!”…Read More

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